Eyebrows (Feather Strokes)

Eyebrows can be uneven or sparse as a result of repeated tweezing and Conture® Make-up is the perfect solution.

Eyebrow contouring defines facial features by bringing balance to the face. The brow arch expresses the mood and can even give a lifted and younger look.

A suitable colored make up pencil is chosen to outline your eyebrows. After you approve the arch and outline, your Linergist® delicately creates the appearance of fine hair with the corresponding pigmentation. You'll wake up with the perfect arch every morning!

Micro-pigmentation can improve brows that are too small, or don't have enough hair. Uneven, sagging brows lacking arch can have shape and color restored. Even if you have no brows at all, restoring brow fill-in shading techniques can achieve a natural and well-defined look.

This technique creates:


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