Permanent Makeup for lasting elegance - BEAUTIFUL. NATURAL. FLAWLESS.

Permanent makeup for lasting elegance


Give your eyes, brows and lips a defined, soft, natural finish that imitates perfectly applied make-up.

Our personalized consultation process will create precision results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish, creating a long lasting look that enhances your natural beauty.

The Process

LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup is a globally respected cosmetic enhancement treatment method, used to create a subtle but defined cosmetic effect that will last from morning to night, day after day, ensuring you look your best at all times.

Imagine doing sports, relaxing on the beach or going for a swim - all without smudging.

Remain perfectly styled regardless of how hectic your lifestyle becomes.

Why Brows By Patsy?

Applying the unique LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Makeup technique combined with her personalised approach, Patricia Kerr will help you achieve your dream look and the best results that permanent make up has to offer.


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